Monday, January 4, 2010

Dancing with my children

My younger three children can always make me smile--so if you are having a bad day think of this and laugh--put on your p.j.s--turn up Bon Jovi and grab a can of cinnamon rolls to use as a micro-phone and have fun--if you don't laugh at that you haven't a fun bone in your body!!!!

Trying something new

This blogging--well it is new to me. Posting pictures is easy,especially when you have a wonderful family--so post pictures and create video stuff is fun and all. Anyway I thought I might try to write and see how it goes--
My subject is I'm in a funk --ever been there? It started about two weeks ago on a run to do shopping. I was at the stop light in my little red bug, windows down,music on--it was like time just turned back--that feeling like I've been here before or something--maybe it was a sound,a smell the truck that pulled up next to me--older ford truck with the window down --faint sound of music--I turned to see a girl in her 20's looking at me--she looked just like my dear fiend--I almost said her name--her smile and eyes--it filled me with such a happy and need to spend time with you, laugh and do girl stuff--where the heck have you been--to why have I let so much time pass without contacting you parents--how is your husband and the children-- I miss you so much--really --really miss you.
Funny being a women and having the female brain I went to my hands--how this happens I don't know--I looked at them and thought over the past 40 years on being a mom,daughter, grand-daughter-nurse-wife---how many hands have I held--how many faces have I washed and shaved --how many bottoms have I washed--bed have I made--backs rubbed--have I let them stay long enough to do enough to heal --have I smiled and encouraged enough --
prayed from them all.
How many hours have I been away helping others and been away from my own family and children--will they ever understand and can they forgive my absence from them--can I forgive myself for being away from them--I just hope that they will always understand that I love them above all--a mother always treasures her children and all of the little things they do are precious to her. Time--there is never enough time to tell the ones you love that you love --
The next funky thing that happened was I needed to call home--and I called my California number--stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away--I just wish I could have a California number back--I miss home.
Then the next funky thing--my oldest daughter called me at work and in her sweetest voice said--Mommy when are you coming home--I shot right back 10 years--I still don't know that answer when do I get to be home--I cried on my drive home
So I am so homesick I can hardly stand it--so there it is--the Funky feeling.
That being said--on ward and forward we go --my hope is in the Lord

Monday, October 19, 2009